The new pleated blind catalogue 2019

erfal starts in spring 2019 with a new pleated blind catalogue which includes a wide fabric collection and technical developments.

grüne Plissees mit Blumenmuster für Fenster

The new pleated blind collection of erfal includes more than 330 fabrics. The wide choice is primary oriented on living areas.


Fascinating plies

Fourteen fabric topics enable a target-oriented search of suitable fabrics. Further, a fast finding of suitable transparent, semi-transparent and dim-out fabrics is ensured. More than 60 pleated blind fabrics on three separate cards are perfect for a darkening of your rooms. Another separate card includes 28 functional screens, which fulfil the special requirements for projects, such as low flammability. The design of the collection was optimized for an individual customer service. This includes a lucid colour structure, big fabric samples and detailed pictures of all design fabrics, which serve for a better view of the motif size. Further, the fabrics are including QR-codes, which are leading to the website where you can find further fabric information.


The pleated blind collection is focussed on the wishes of the customers and on the current trends of the living and home textile branch at the same time. Nearly a third of the fabrics correspond to the colour preferences of the Central Europeans with white, cream white, grey and natural tones. More than 80 design fabrics with discreet and expressive motifs will leave nothing to be desired. Highlights are digital printings with semi-transparent or dim-out fabric qualities with expressive motifs. 


Pleated blind family

Another highlight of the new catalogue is that the different erfal pleated blind types, with three different ply sizes, were summarized into one single collection. As a visualisation, a card with fabric samples in small (S), medium (M) and large (L) is included. The common type with 20-mm plies – M-range – is the basis for the fabric samples on the collection cards. Fabrics, which are also existing with small plies (16 mm) – S-range – or large plies – L-range – are specially labelled. Different window types, forms, as well winter gardens and balcony glazing’s can be shaded effectively with this wide choice. More than 30 pleated blind fabrics are available for all three different types.

Functional pleated blind techniques


erfal is producing pleated blinds for nearly all window forms and types according to the structural conditions and the personal wishes. Specialists can choose here the right technique type from the three new type ranges S, M and L. An overview of ranges, types and colours, as a support, is included in the catalogue together with the technique and price list. This serves for a fast choice of the most suitable pleated blind type. There are tensioned or free-hanging types, which can be operated with a handle, on the rail, via cord or via remote to the requested position. 

Fenster mit rot weißen Plissee

A new pleated blind typed convinces through a discreet look and a fixation with adhesive profile. The type ESC2 or rather VSC2 don’t need the operating handle. The moving of the pleated blinds is instead made through comfortable, easy-going and ergonomic grip rail. They are offering a good handling and don’t having protruded operating parts. The mounting with the help of the adhesive profile is made directly on the window pane. This means a drilling or screwing is not necessary. This will be sales argument for rented flats. The adhesive profile avoids a lateral light gap and can be removed years later with any residues. The grip rail is guided in the lateral adhesive profile. Thus, a falling-out on tilted windows is avoided. Another advantage of this fixation type is the minimalization of rattling noises of the rail on the window. 

Pleated blind fabrics