Absorption factor (As)

This corresponds with the part of sun radiation absorbed by the fabric. The lower this value is, the lower is the part of sun radiation absorbed by the fabric. The light energy absorbed is transformed in thermal energy.

Aluminized coating

Sun protection fabrics with a rear aluminized coating (metallization) ensure a high light and heat reflection. The reflectivity value (Rs) is mostly higher than 65 %.


BREEAM® stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. It is the oldest and most popular certification system in the building sector. By means of a simple point system in eight assessment catagories (management, energye, water, land consumption and ecology, health and well-being, transport, material, pollution) BREEAM awards a kite marks in four grades.


The Cradle-to-Cradle sustainability concept describes the possibility of a sustained production through the application of natural growth and decomposition processes on the manufacturing processes. Like natural subjects, products should be developped in a way that at the end of their life cycle they feed in natural suppling cycles and do not represent a environmental pollution.


The German Sustainable Building Council
Six evaluation catagories (ecology, economy, social and functional aspects, technnology, processes, site) have been introduced by the Federal Ministry of transport, Building and Urban Development and the German Sustainable Building Council. Good grades have to be achieved in all sectors in order to get the evaluation gold/silver/bronze later. Even for the lowest certification grade, the buildings have to fulfil much more than the legal standards.

DIN 4102-1

Fire protection standard for fire behaviour of building materials and building components. Sun protection fabrics used in projects have to correspond to the fire protection standard B1.

DIN EN 13120:2009

Internal blinds - Performance requirements including safety.

DIN EN 13363

Solar protection devices combined with glazing - Calculation of solar and light transmittance (-1 Simplified method, -2 Detailed method).

DIN EN 14501:2005

Significant DIN for the thermal and visual comfort - Performance characteristics and classification.