Living in the attic

Living, working and sleeping - modern attic flats are bright and spacious and offer living comfort on "the highest level". In former times attic flats were unappealing and less demanded, but now they are more popular than ever. For the unconventional, oblique lines of the rooms can be used as a design extra. This helps you in creating your personal living style. Like that, it is particularly comfortable in the attic. Free roof beams and large windows provide a comfortable room effect. As a bedroom, children’s room or office - a converted attic room offers lots of possibilities. Get inspired!

Privacy shields and sun protection products that are specially adapted to roof windows are not only decorative; they also protect you against harmful solar radiation. In summer they avoid an excessive heating of the attic rooms. In the winter more warmth is kept in the inside when the sun protection is closed and thus you save energy and heating costs.