Allergic persons can respire

Help due to anti-pollen screens

Sneezing, itching eyes, blocked nose - allergies like hay fever influence our quality of life and are negative for the social live, the personal performance and work capacity. About 16% of the population are suffering from pollen allergy – rising tendency. To avoid the contact with allergenic fabrics in the daily life, one can protect oneself for example with information about pollen dispersal, appropriate cloths and a limited stay in the nature. The pollen protection systems of erfal are even more effective for your health! A special screen is the perfect solution.

Start relaxed into the next hayfever-season!

erfal Magazin endlich Durchatmen Pollenschutzgewebe Polltec

Polltec® screen

The Polltec® screen has a special mesh net, which protects you against pollen due to a special coating. The screen is threaded into your windows and doors accurate to the millimetre and avoids in this way the penetration of pollen. At the same time it serves as an insect protection. A perfect view and a certified protection against pollen – the Polltec® screen keeps away more than 99 % of grass and flower pollen. The air permeability is up to 300 % better compared with other protection screens.

erfal Magazin endlich Durchatmen Pollenschutzgewebe Transpatec

Transpatec® screen

You search a solution against the pollen, you would like to have a better transparency, but you don’t want to give up the protection against vermin and insects? You will get more air and light in your rooms with the modern Transpatec® screen. At the same time, you are protected against unpleasant pests. This screen is characterized by an especial clear transparency. Due to the use of a superfine thread (Ø 0.13 mm) and an innovative weaving technique, the Transpatec® is hardly perceptible. Thus, the visual effect of your window and doors is nearly unchanged. The Transpatec® screen has a perfect transparency, also with this small mesh width. Further, it has a higher air permeability of about 20 % as other standard fibreglass screens. Furthermore, the Transpatec® fine-mesh screen is equipped with a permanent anti-pollen protection. Due to the oblong mesh width and a special weaving technique, the verified protective effect against birch, hazel, alder, beech, oak pine rye or grass (according to ECARF) will be above 90 %.