Goodbye foliage
thanks to LiSA

The autumn brings coloured leaves and the nature enchants with warm colours. But the foliage that dirties your light wells is not so enchanting. Insects and small animals that look for shelter in the cellar rooms now do not arouse enthusiasm, either? erfal presents the solution!

erfal Magazin Lichtschachtabdeckungen Lisa


The whole year, customized light well covers protect your light and cellar wells against foliage and vermin. Thus, only light and fresh air can come into your cellar and uninvited guests will stay outside. LiSA stands for the German word „Lichtschachtabdeckung“ which means „light well cover“. The aluminium frame is especially made to measure. In combination with the fine-meshed stain lattice, it offers a perfect sealing. With only few simple steps you can simply put the cover on the existing grating. You will not only keep your light well clean, it is also a protection against vermin, mice and other small animals. Transform your cellar rooms into bright and friendly spaces and hobby rooms!

erfal Magazin Lichtschachtabdeckungen Resi


You are looking for a consequent ventilation of your cellar rooms and a contemporaneous rain shield and insect screen? This can easily be realized with the RESi light well cover of erfal. Similar to LiSA, it is useful for a complete cover of nearly all light wells made of plastic or concrete. RESi consists of a high-transparent and slip-proof polycarbonate. This special material prevents a massive penetration of water.

erfal Magazin Lichtschachtabdeckungen Elsa


ELSA is a complete replacement for the existing grating in the light well. This exclusive type is very loadable. Because of the use of special high-quality steel lattice, extreme stable aluminium profiles and a fibre-glass reinforced grating, ELSA resists extreme atmospheric conditions. ELSA is a ground-level solution for every light well cover type; the timeless design goes perfectly with the whole look of your house. An additional protection against burglaries and robberies are the safety chains and S-hooks.

erfal Magazin Lichtschachtabdeckungen Terresa


The model type Terresa is mainly used for wooden terraces. In that way you can keep your light well clear and bright. Terresa is similar to the type ELSA but it is flatter. With a height of only 20.5 mm, it fits into nearly all usual decking boards. For these reasons, Terresa is the perfect light well cover for your terrace without the risk of stumbling.


The advantages of all light well cover types:

  • made to measure
  • different types
  • shapely aluminium profiles
  • translucent and air permeable
  • an easy assembling and handling
  • a flat fitting without trip hazards
  • maximum stability
  • slip-proof and drivable types are also available
  • high quality stainless steel screens
  • corrosion-free
  • easy to clean
  • weatherproof and long-living