Child safety

Cords, chains or straps: Be on the safe side – you and your children

The European standard for the child safety (DIN EN 13120: 2009), in conjunction with the interior view and sun protection on windows, balcony or patio doors, counted on the voluntary labeling of warnings on the products as well as in assembly and operating instructions.
Thus, the European commission had reworked the regulations and standards according to the child safety. Further, they give the mandate to the European Committee for standardization (CEN). The legal base for this mandated property “child safety” comes from the EU-directive 2001/95/EC “General product safety”.

The new DIN EN 13120:2009+A1:2014 regulates the topic child safety for interior view and sun protection too. The existing legal situation on EU level for the view and sun protection was also expanded with this new standard. A clear guideline created from what was before only an optional regulation and a simple product labeling. Specialist retailers for the view and sun protection are obligated to a safe and standardized execution. The child safety has hereby the highest priority.

This standard is among others valid for: venetian, roller, vertical and panel blinds as well as roman blind techniques.
The products of erfal comply with these important standards. Nevertheless, you have to consider some points to ensure the standard-conforming execution of the sale or the installation by the specialist retailer.

The danger of strangulation can be avoided through fixation points on the wall. Due to their tearing strength the loops with stationary fixtures or pull cords have to be fixated at least 150 cm above the floor.
As the manufacturers generally do not know the mounting height, the maximum cord length, which is taken from the product height, supports you in practice. The cord length of the tear-off system is maximally 2/3 of the production height. The loop of the fixtures and the length of the pull cords are depending on the product height: ≤ 250 cm product height = the loops will be maximally 100 cm, > 250 cm the loop length is the product height minus 150 cm.

In addition to this, there are products without cords or loops (e.g. tensioned or motorized), which fulfil the requirements of the DIN automatically.
Products or safety devices and assembly/operating instructions have to be labelled with a warning notice. The warning notice must be visible on the product or on the safety device and in the assembly/operating instruction. It will be expected from the specialist retailer, that he will points out possible dangers to the end customer and further explains the function of the safety device.

Both, producers and specialist retailers, have a shared responsibility for the securing of the DIN-regulation as well as the guarantee of a maximum child safety.

  • The producer is responsible for ensuring, that all parts of the product are produced and delivered in accordance with the current standards and laws.
  • The specialist retailer is responsible for the explanation of possible risks as well as a correct measurement and mounting of the product.


The FAQ as well as further information concerning the child safety can be found on: http://kindersicherheit.vis-online.de/

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