Frequently Asked Questions from private customers

Where can I find an erfal retailer close to me?

You can find erfal retailers in your area through our retailer search. Simply enter the zip code or the name of your place of residence. If no retailer is displayed, please use the radius search tool.

Is it possible to visit the company erfal?

As a private individual it is not possible to visit the company.

Is there a factory sale / special item sale?

Our products are almost exclusively custom-made. We therefore do not offer a factory sale. You get erfal products exclusively from specialist retailers of the sun protection and interior decoration branch. With these you receive an individual consultation, on-site measurement and professional assembly. erfal retailers close to you can be found here.

Who is my contact person for problems / complaints?

erfal is working according to very high quality parameters. If, however, you are not satisfied with one of our products, please always contact the retailer where you bought the erfal product. This will then contact you for a quick and uncomplicated resolving with erfal.

Can I order spare parts if something has been broken or lost?

In principle, spare parts are available for all products, in order to remedy the loss or damage. For this, please contact the retailer where you purchased the erfal product. This will then contact you for a quick and uncomplicated supplementary order with erfal.

For several years I have an erfal roller / pleated blind and would now like to clean it. What do I have to consider?

To avoid damage, we recommend to contact a specialist company. General maintenance and cleaning instructions can be found on our website. The cleanability of our current fabric collections has been tested by the association “Verband Deutscher Sonnenschutzreiniger e.V.”. All fabrics can be cleaned by certified specialist companies. You can find VDS specialists close to you as well as further information on

Can I order directly from you as a private individual?

erfal offers its products exclusively through specialist retailers, in order to ensure the best possible advice, professional assembly and a high quality standard for you. Please note that we do not provide price quotes or product details by e-mail or telephone. You can find erfal specialist retailers close to you here.

Can I request samples from erfal?

For individual advice and selection of fabrics according to our catalogs, the erfal retailers close to you are at your disposal. After a pre-selection, we are willing to send you fabric samples. So you can perfectly match your interior design and the sun protection products.

Where can I find assembly instructions?

An assembly instruction is enclosed to every product supplied by erfal. If this has been lost, there is a download portal on the erfal website in the service area. Here you can download assembly instructions in PDF format.

Where can I get erfal catalogs?

erfal sales documents are only made available to our retailers as a basis for the customer advice. As a private customer, the erfal retailer close to you will be at your disposal for individual advice and fabric selection based on our catalogs as well as for price quotes.

Where can I find more information about the products?

On the prevailing product pages, you can find out more about the advantages of each product. With the help of the innovative design and residential inspiration finders, you can ideally filter your prospects and get new ideas. In the download area you can download product flyers, colour brochures and assembly instructions in PDF format. For an individual consultation, the selection of fabrics according to our catalogs and price quotes, please contact the erfal retailers close to you.